Top Web App Ideas for Your Startup Business

March 29, 2022    By Sunitha Rajendran

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Are you looking for a web application idea to make money? Then this blog is for you.

Finding a promising web app idea turns your business into a million dollars. You might keep thinking about it & still be clueless about what to do next. First, you have to find the right app that is feasible. Just begin with intensive research to understand the potential of your digital dream.

This blog discusses the top web app ideas for your startup business. Before we discuss it, let me show you a quick look at the following facts in the market scenario:

  • The US has the maximum number of startups, followed by the UK and India.
  • As per the AI statistics, 60% of startups say that Artificial intelligence (AI) is a promising industry for business growth.
  • 92% of enterprises trust web apps and websites for the business’s effective digital marketing strategy.

Now, let’s explore some excellent web application ideas for you!

High On-Demand Web Apps Ideas

On-demand Services

On-demand services are one of the greatest web app ideas. Just a single web application allows consumers access to different types of services at home. The demands for the following niches are high-

  • Traveling - Uber
  • Pharmacy Delivery - PillPack
  • Fashion Apps - Lyst
  • Health Apps – TryFit
  • Dating Apps - Tinder
  • Video-streaming Apps - Netflix
  • House Cleaning Apps – Go-check Clone

CRM for Startups & Small Businesses

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a brilliant system to organize & access all your customer data in a better way. Therefore, it enables businesses to build and maintain strong relationships with customers.

A simple and intuitive web application is enough to help businesses engage with existing and potential customers. Improving customer services result in more sales & conversions. The global market of CRM sales tops 31 billion USD as per the Statista research.

For reference, you can also research with trending CRM apps like Salesforce, Zoho, RingCentral, SalesIQ, etc.

Healthcare Web Application

Developing a healthcare app can be highly profitable, especially during this pandemic period. Healthcare web apps will cater to the needs of all age groups. It helps them to book their appointments, doctor visits, pharmacies, etc.

Trending healthcare apps that you can use for research like Lybrate, Medisafe, Pill Reminder pro, etc.

Automated Customer Service Chatbots

Automation has a huge part of client service by chat. It allows the organization to be accessible to the customers & reply to all their inquiries 24*7.

This is a widely adopted & prevalent web application idea. You can invent chatbots that leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence libraries. Moreover, these libraries are given to prospective clients who build a support application in order to respond to frequently asked questions from customers.

Thus, the automated Customer Service Chatbot Web Application is one of the best ideas for startups.

Document Management System

Law corporations have to manage an extensive collection of documents. Storing all the documents on One Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. is not always preferable as the documents are private & require continuous security.

To resolve their problems, you can develop a tailor-made docket management web app for law firms that is interactive, feature-rich, and user-friendly app.

Here you have some popular Docket Management Systems across the globe: TMCloud, ProLaw, DocketTrak, and FlexTrac.

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway is one of the exciting web app ideas in order to make money for any business by building a customized payment gateway.

Different types of websites that sell products and services opt for a customized payment gateway. The demand for payment gateway is increasing every year while the companies are digitizing their business.

This is one of the pretty fascinating web apps where businesses can make a personalized payment gateway & incorporate it into their web app.

It makes the customers make payments with diverse payment options such as credit cards and debit cards. Thus, a custom payment gateway is a profitable idea for a website project.

Here you have the list of popular payment gateways apps: Amazon payments, PayPal, PaySimple, Stripe, Square, Bluepay, & many more.

Job Recruitment Web Apps

To make money, you can also develop a job recruitment web application & provide a platform for job providers and job seekers to find each other.

In the web app, the job-seeker or applicant creates their account & adds required details for their dream job by uploading a resume. On the other hand, the recruitment department of a company will directly check the skillful person for their required post & contact them directly.

You can make money just by providing them with a premium service to both parties to find an employee or job as soon as possible.

Trending job Recruitment Web Applications like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and indeed, etc.

eLearning Platforms Web Application

eLearning Platforms have immersive popularity in the pandemic situation. Educational providers are in need to impart knowledge & education to students effectively. eLearning tools work as a mediator & that in turn helps educational providers and students to accomplish their goals.

The eLearning platform is a one-stop solution that helps the educational providers to conduct quizzes, tests, exams, classes, record lectures, and many more. From this, you can make money from the courses purchased as well as through advertisements also.

Some popular online learning platforms like Udemy and Simplilearn, etc.

Best Way to Develop Web applications

Mostly, outsourcing is one of the best options for developing a new application. App development companies have great experience in the domain, so you will have access to top talent in multiple areas. Working with such a company takes you through the following steps such as:

  • Discovery & research to refine your ideas
  • The UX/UI design of your product
  • Actual Web App Development
  • App testing followed by its deployment
  • Continuous Support & Maintenance for your Application

By enduring this structured process, you’ll surely come out with a successful web app. If you are worried about the resources that you have to spend, here we have roughly estimated the cost of developing your web application so that you know what to expect.

How much does it cost to make a web application?

The cost of a web application depends on several factors like features and complexity. Each app is unique & has different requirements. In general, especially when you opt to outsource for your product app development company, the price will be calculated based on the number of web app developers working on your team & the number of days needed for developing a web app. If you want to know more about outsourcing app developers or to know the cost of building web applications, read this blog.


We hope this blog helps you in exploring the best web app ideas for your startup in the future. However, finding the best web application is just the first step. Then your next step should be identifying the right app developers to turn your ideas into reality.

It is imperative to have extensive research before finalizing any concept. Also, you need to select the best app development company for product development. In that case, you can choose CrimsonBeans and get the best solutions.

If any of these app ideas inspire you, just contact CrimsonBeans. We can design & develop a powerful web application for your startup business. All you need to do is share your ideas with our app developers. Contact us to discuss your roadmap!

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