Important Reasons Why You Need Ecommerce Mobile App

April 21, 2022    By Sunitha Rajendran

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Important Reasons Why You Need Ecommerce Mobile App

We are in the era of mobile technology. A large number of people prefer online shopping using their mobiles. To remain and to capture the market, businesses need to shift their focus on building eCommerce mobile applications rather than web apps.

Moreover, in the fast-growing business world, ecommerce mobile app development benefits the retailers as well as the consumers. Mobile apps have emerged as an outright solution for e-Commerce businesses to promote themselves.

In the highly competitive e-Commerce industry, it's not easy to deal with ever-changing customer expectations & needs. So, to eliminate this risk, you should change the way you interact with your customers. Therefore, e-Commerce mobile app development can facilitate the user's experience smoothly for online shopping and increase your conversion rate.

In this blog, let’s discuss why you need an e-Commerce mobile app for your business. Before that, let me share some things about the market adaption of mobile commerce & online shopping apps.

Mobile Ecommerce Statistics

  • According to Statista, mobile applications could rake 3.5 trillion in the Ecommerce industry worldwide.
  • The number of UK mobile shoppers is anticipated to reach 105.28 million by 2024.
  • The use of a mobile E-commerce platform vows three times higher conversion rates when compared to a mobile-responsive website.
  • The greater part of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices, and the share of Ecommerce traffic is also high.
  • 78% of users get in touch with a brand using a mobile app rather than choosing a website. The reasons include speed, convenience, an opportunity to save their data, ease to find the best deals available & get personalized offers.

Benefits of E-commerce Mobile App Development

  1. Increased Customer Experience

Imagine a situation where you have to shop for something. You may go to your desktop and open a particular eCommerce store website. Then you will search for the thing you like to purchase. To do this process, you’ve to remember the URL of that store as well as with login credentials. But when you use the eCommerce mobile app, the process will be very simple. All you have to do is just unlock the app and search for the item that you want.

Shoppers prefer online stores for their convenience and the E-commerce app is the best way to enhance their shopping experience. Therefore, this inevitably boosts your business revenue.

  1. Enhanced User Interface

If you observe any E-commerce app out there & compare it with the respective ecommerce website, you will understand the importance of the UI.

The user interface (UI) is one of the important things that people look out for when buying products online. Generally, users prefer a platform that is user-friendly to shop. A mobile app can provide such ease to your customers.

There are various online payment options available on the market. You can add those payment methods to your app for easy shopping. As a result, this helps to increase your order value.

  1. Increased Brand Awareness

Increased brand visibility and awareness are the most important reasons to choose Ecommerce mobile app development because many people spend their hours on smartphones. Mobile applications are the best option to make your brand popular among your customers. They help boost a strong relationship between you and your customers & give you a continuous engagement with your brands.

  1. Boost Customer Loyalty

Customers who have your application on their mobile will be more invested in it. Whenever they want to shop for a particular item, your app will pop up in their mind. You can leverage this great opportunity by providing a customer loyalty program. Also, you can offer them an exclusive reward for their shopping which makes them feel happy. Through this, you can build customer loyalty.

  1. Increased Conversion Rate

There is no doubt that Mobile E-commerce apps can drive higher conversion rates and result in more revenue for your business.

If you are an e-Commerce business owner thinking “Why do I need an ecommerce mobile app?” The answer will be for achieving greater conversion rates. When a customer wants to buy some product, they expect a seamless purchasing process. You can set it in the best way by building a mobile app. There are several reasons why:

  • Ecommerce mobile applications have features like push notifications which help in conversions.
  • Mobile apps have all the information like Payment & Shipping for easy checkouts.
  • Mobile applications use device features like cameras for placing orders.

Therefore, mobile ecommerce apps have seen an easier & more convenient option that increases the overall business profitability.


Having a mobile app for your E-commerce business is the beginning of building a healthy relationship between you and your customers. Mobile applications are profoundly based on in-depth analytics & help in observing your customer behavior. This way helps you to understand what your customers want and what your most selling products are, or where is brand is lacking. So, that you can able to improve all the flaws.

Mobile applications are a profitable investment for many e-Commerce businesses as they help maximum ROI by increasing sales. I hope the reasons mentioned above determine the importance of mobile apps & how they can turn out to be a boon for an E-commerce business. So, if you are interested in developing an E-commerce mobile app, go get it soon and enjoy all the benefits that an e-commerce app offers.

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